Updates to the university community’s recommendations on the health emergency caused by Covid-19 (coronavirus)

The Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Communication and Social Outreach, in collaboration with the Occupational Hazard Prevention Service, has compiled the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare, the Canary Islands Government, and the Spanish Service for the Internationalisation of Education (SEPIE) so the university community may access all information necessary to face the health emergency caused by Covid-19 (coronavirus).

The ULPGC and its Confucius Institute have received a support letter from Hanban, the Confucius Institute Headquarters in Beijing.

Support Letter

As new information emerges, these contents will be updated to keep the entire university community informed.

Update to contents, Sunday 29th March, 5:30pm

The Rector of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has sent an urgent communiqué to the university community in which he adapts the situation of the ULPGC to the new Government Decree published after the celebration of the Council of Ministers held on Sunday 29th March. See here


Update to contents, Friday 27th March, 8.00pm

The Vice-Rector for Coordination and Institutional Projects, José Miguel Doña, has sent a communiqué to the university community in which he analyses the effort made to transfer most of the face-to-face teaching to the online format. Ver here.

Other latest news of interest are the following: The Vice-rectorate for Students and Sports, in coordination with the Academic Management Service, has issued a change of calendar for students participating in the over 25 and over 45-year-old access programs. Access here.

The second campaign to collect material for the Canary Islands Health Service to help in the fight against Covid-19 has ended. See here.

The Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands plans to hold the ordinary EBAU session in July. See here.


Update to contents, Thursday 26th March, 10:00am

Rector Rafael Robaina has sent a message to ULPGC students announcing that the deadlines for the payment of fees will be suspended from March 18th to April 30th. Access here.

Other latest news of interest are as follows:


Update to contents, Wednesday 25th March, 10:30am

The Rector of the ULPGC, Rafael Robaina, has sent a new communiqué to the whole university community in which he refers to the foreseeable extension of the period of confinement, as well as the measures that have been adopted to maintain academic activity by online means. In the same communiqué, the Rector sends his personal thanks for the great effort that is being made. Access here.


Update to contents, Tuesday 24th March, 1.30pm

In the last few days, different actions have been carried out and several communiqués have been issued in relation with the coronavirus crisis:

The Vice-Rector for Internationalisation and Cooperation of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC), Richard Clouet, has sent a email to the university community indicating that, given the difficulty in many cases of carrying out the mobility stays planned until 30 September 2020 due to the current health crisis, the Spanish Service for the Internationalisation of Education (SEPIE) has granted the extension of the current calls for the Erasmus+ STT, STA and SMT Mobility Programmes until 31 May 2021. See here.

The Vice-Rector for Coordination and Institutional Projects, José Miguel Doña, has sent the university community information to promote physical and mental activity, in view of the fact that confinement is going to be extended at least until after Easter. This will allow people to remain physically and mentally active, and to make confinement more bearable. Access here.

As regards the commitment of the ULPGC in the fight against the coronavirus, several departments have been involved in responding to the existing challenges and the lack of medical equipment. Thus, the Integrated and Advanced Manufacturing Research Group of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC), directed by Professor Mario Monzón, has made its resources available to the health authorities and has begun to produce protective visors using 3D printing. Click here.

A second campaign is underway to collect material from centres, departments, and university institutes for the health services. The University Library has also put into operation the 3D Printing Service ‘Maker Space’ for the production of items aimed at improving safety and protection conditions in Canary Islands hospitals to fight against Coronavirus (Covid-19). Access here.

Other news that may be of interest are the following: 

The Scientific Publications and Dissemination Service of the ULPGC provides links to the permanently updated legislation on COVID-19 and Epidemiological Surveillance in the State Agency Official State Gazette. See here.

The tenth season of the innovation programme “Demola Canarias” will start this month with two new challenges that will be developed between the business community and the university community following an online work methodology. Consult here. 

Due to the coronavirus crisis, the tenth edition of Ruta Siete ULPGC (RU7A) will extend the registration period for the Transformer Journey in which 45 university students will undertake an adventure around the Canary Islands until April 20, 2020. See the news here.

The University Library of the ULPGC has joined the campaign called #BibliotecaEnCasa, by which the work of libraries, research and cultural centers, publishers, etc. is being disseminated to promote the online use of information resources in the context of confinement. Access here.

The ULPGC and its Confucius Institute have received a support letter from Hanban, the Confucius Institute Headquarters in Beijing.

A support letter


Update to contents, Saturday 21st March, 6:30 pm

The University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is echoing the calls of the Canary Health Service and Las Palmas Medical Association asking for volunteer health personnel to help in the situation caused by the coronavirus. Some 45 volunteer students from the 6th year of the Degree in Medicine at ULPGC have already responded positively. Information and registration of volunteers here.


Update to contents, Friday 20th March, 8.30 am
The Rector of the ULPGC, Rafael Robaina, has issued a new statement analyzing the situation in the ULPGC after the first days of self-organization. Access here.


Update to contents, Thursday 19th March, 12.00
The ULPGC, under the coordination of the Rector’s Office, has collected material from University Faculties and Research Institutes that can be used in hospitals. The Rectorate of the ULPGC will carry on collecting material or any kind of contributions that can be made from laboratories and research groups. Information here.
The Occupational Risk Prevention Service and the Radiological Protection Unit have issued a communiqué referring to the protection of workers liable to be part of groups at risk. The communiqué is available here.

Update to contents, Wednesday 18th March, 2.30pm

The two Canarian public universities have issued a statement on the Exam for University Access (EBAU) which they assure will be carried out in conditions of academic security and equal opportunities. It has been determined that the EBAU will be postponed. See the communiqué here.


The president of the Central Electoral Board has issued a statement on the suspension of deadlines and electoral processes. See it here.


The ULPGC, through the Vice-rectorate for Students and Sports, has kept the university residences open for students, mostly foreign mobility students or students from other Spanish regions, who have not been able to go back home. At the same time, the Vice-Rector has issued a protocol of preventive action against the coronavirus (Covid-19), which must be applied in all students’ residences to protect their health. The full protocol for residences can be found here.

Update to contents, Tuesday 17th March, 8pm

The Rector Rafael Robaina has made a public statement on the updating of the measures adopted, above all, in the organization of the administrative activity and the students’ practices. The communiqué is available here.


Likewise, the Rector has transferred to the entities collaborating in the students’ internships the instructions given by the Vice-Rector for Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Employment in relation to the COVID-19. The communiqué is available here.


The Vice-Rector for Internationalization and Cooperation has reported on the measures to be taken to ensure the provision of services related to internationalization and cooperation in the current situation. The communiqué is available here.

Update to contents, Tuesday 17th March, 10am

The Vice-Rector for Coordination and Institutional Projects, José Miguel Doña, and the Director of the Doctoral School have sent a communiqué regarding the activity of the Doctoral School of the ULPGC during the coronavirus crisis. It is available here.


The Vice-rector for Research, Innovation and Transfer, José Pablo Suárez Rivero, has sent a communiqué to the teaching and research staff regarding the functioning of the Research Service. It is available here.


Update to contents, Monday 16th March, 4pm


Rector Rafael Robaina has issued a statement in which, following the plan established by the government team, he announces that precise instructions for the organization of teleworking have been given to all the administrative units. Anyhow, workers must follow the rules established by the Government of Spain regarding minimum distance between people, for instance. Consult the communiqué here.


For its part, the Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education (SEPIE) has published some guidelines for the members of the university community in Erasmus+ Mobility. You can consult them here.

Update to contents, Monday 16th March, 12:00 noon

The Vice-Rector for Coordination and Institutional Projects, José Miguel Doña, has sent the following recommendations to University Centres, Departments and Institutes regarding the Administrative Staff (PAS), where the following is indicated: As a general rule, they should suspend non-essential activities that need to be carried out in person (attention to the public, etc.). Where the presence of Administrative Staff is required and cannot be interrupted (facilities with animals at the VET faculty, laboratories with samples and perishable materials, etc.), the appropriate shifts will be organized in order to guarantee the presence of staff in conditions that avoid the contagion of COVID-19. You can see the complete instructions here.


Update to contents, Friday 13th March, 12:15pm

The Vice-Rector for Coordination and Institutional Projects, José Miguel Doña, has sent the teaching and research staff a series of recommendations to facilitate their teaching activities during this exceptional time in which face-to-face teaching is to be replaced by online teaching. The communiqué is available here.


For his part, the Vice-Rector for Internationalisation and Cooperation, Richard Clouet, has sent a communiqué to the Mobility coordinators and to the International Relations Offices and Mobility Offices, informing them that it is likely that the meetings to allocate places for the Erasmus+ 2020/2021 call and other measures adopted in relation to mobility will not take place until after Easter. Consult it here.


Update to contents, Thursday 12th March, 3pm

In accordance with the instructions of the educational and health authorities and as a measure of containment, the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria announces that, as of Friday 13th March, it is moving its face-to-face teaching activities to the e-learning mode. This measure is taken as an exercise of responsibility that aims to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in the Canary Islands. The complete press release can be accessed HERE.

As for the administrative activity and all other activities carried out by the administrative staff, normal operation will be maintained, although, as far as possible, measures will be adopted to reduce the concentration of people in the same work space and teleworking will be promoted. To this end, from the Management Office of the University, and in coordination with the corresponding Vice-Rectors, the appropriate instructions will be given to the staff through e-mail and on the website.

Likewise, courses, seminars and other meetings will be postponed, as well as all the congresses, workshops, cultural, sports and other activities that were scheduled for these dates. University libraries and study rooms may not be used.


Update to contents, Wednesday 11th of March, 6.30pm

Following the instructions of the Canary Islands Health Service, student internships in hospital environments are hereby suspended and postponed. The Canary Islands Government, in accordance with the Ministry of Health, has published a series of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. These measures include the following: Both theory and practical classes in health centres are suspended for the next 30 days.

With regard to students from outside the Canary Islands, whether they are from mainland Spain or the rest of the world through Erasmus or similar programmes, we recommend they monitor their symptoms and avoid contact with older people and/or people in poor health, and they should also refrain from attending social or sporting events with a high number of attendees.

School trips are also suspended. This applies to non-university and university educational trips to anywhere outside the Canary Islands during the next two months.


Update to contents, Wednesday 11th of March, 10am

The Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Communication and Social Outreach has informed the ULPGC’s deans and centre directors that – as a preventive measure and pursuant to the instructions of the health and academic authorities that recommend refraining from taking trips, as well as attending meetings involving a high number of people – the decision has been made to suspend the Open Day 2020, which was scheduled for the 20th of March at the university’s campuses.

Additionally, the Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Qualifications and Lifelong Learning, at the behest of students and bearing in mind that students on Special Training Programmes are considered a risk group with regard to coronavirus, has publicised the chancellor’s decision to suspend teaching on these courses for over 55s from Wednesday the 11th of March until after Easter Week, in line with the health authorities’ recommendations in relation to older people.

As regards student mobility, two notices from the Spanish Service for the Internationalisation of Education (SEPIE) have been issued, one on the situation in different European states and the recommendations people should consider, and another on the management of Erasmus+ projects.


Information on the 5th of March:

The Occupational Hazard Prevention Service has published on its website a compilation of all recommendations from the health authorities, including the following:


Information and questions

The Canary Islands Government has provided the telephone number (+34) 900 112 061, which is staffed with a nursing team, coordinated by the Canary Islands Emergency Service, who will attend to citizens’ requests for information on preventive measures, chances of contagion, and misconceptions related to the virus.


The Ministry of Health periodically updates the information and recommendations on the new coronavirus contained on its website. In addition, it has published a guide for schools and education centres that includes recommendations for universities.

It also continues to update the recommendations for people arriving in Spain from areas of risk and for travellers visiting affected areaswhich basically states the following:

  • If you appear to be suffering symptoms associated with an acute respiratory infection, such as a fever, cough or sudden difficulty breathing, you should remain at home or in your accommodation and contact a medical service by calling 112, informing them of your travel history and symptoms.
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing and use disposable tissues, the inside of your elbow, or your shirt sleeve.
  • Wash your hands frequently using soap and water for at least 20 seconds and following contact with respiratory secretions. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if there is no water and soap available.

You can consult affected areas here


The Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Internationalisation and Cooperation, which is managed by the vice-chancellor, Richard Clouet, has published a ULPGC Covid-19 (coronavirus) action protocol for participants in mobility programmes. This protocol was approved at an extraordinary session of the Committee for Internationalisation and Cooperation, on behalf of the Board of Governors, on Tuesday the 3rd of March 2020.