By Resolution of 5 April 2021, of the Rector, by which powers are delegated to various Unipersonal Bodies of this University, and the regime of substitution of the same is established, (BOC no. 80, of 20 April), the following powers are delegated to the Vice Rector for Internationalisation, Mobility and International Projection:

a) Establishment of relations with international institutions in scientific, cultural and academic matters.

b) Creation, maintenance, development and consolidation of cooperation networks and agreements with international institutions and organisations.

c) Creation, maintenance, development, consolidation and management of international mobility programmes, as well as mobility programmes for students at national level, in collaboration with the Vice-Rector’s Office for Students, Alumni and Employability.

d) Creation, maintenance, development, consolidation and management of cooperation programmes and projects for development that enable the social transformation of the most disadvantaged countries and areas.

e) Establishment and participation in volunteering actions, by the entire university community, and collaboration in favour of peace, equity, human development and environmental sustainability, in concurrence with the Vice-Rectorate for Students, Alumni and Employability and the Management.

f) Development and promotion of relations with national and international organisations and forums for the search for and management of sources of funding of interest to the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

g) Management of the International Relations Office and its coordination with the Development Cooperation bodies of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

h) Development and coordination of actions related to the extension of modern languages at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and their link with international relations, including the coordination of the Language Classroom of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the Confucius Institute, the King Sejong Institute and Spanish for Foreigners.

i) Development and coordination of winter and summer schools for foreign students.

j) Chairmanship and monitoring of the committees delegated by the Governing Council on matters within its competence, as well as execution of their agreements.

k) Those derived from the functions that, in matters of administrative contracting, the legal system attributes to the contracting body in procedures relating to minor supply contracts and the provision of services within the scope of its competences and of the budget appropriations assigned to the spending units for which it is responsible. The economic and financial management derived from the aforementioned competences is also delegated, including the authorisations and disposal of expenditure, as well as the recognition of obligations and payment proposals.

l) The announcement and resolution of the awarding of grants, prizes and subsidies related to this Vice-Rectorate.

m) In general, any functions attributed to the Rector in matters of international and institutional relations.