The emerging Unit for Relations with the Americas hopes to consolidate academic and cultural relations with Latin America, the United States and Canada.


  • To coordinate the ULPGC’s policy towards America.
  • To promote the creation of an American Studies Group at the ULPGC.
  • Encourage exchanges and mobility of ULPGC members with the Americas and of American students, professors and researchers with the ULPGC.
  • To lead the ULPGC’s institutional relations with Spanish institutions linked to the Americas.
  • To carry out institutional relations with American consulates.
  • Support the ULPGC’s cooperation with the Americas.
  • Promote the dissemination of the work carried out by the ULPGC towards America.
  • Contribute to the training of American personnel in the ULPGC and ULPGC personnel in America.
  • Encourage volunteer work.
  • Coordinate with other vice-rectorates, departments and units of the ULPGC in the area of relations with America.
  • Offer hospitality to representatives of American universities and centres visiting the ULPGC.
  • To provide coverage for cultural events organised at the ULPGC in relation to America.
  • To put the ULPGC’s research work in contact with Spanish companies, organisations and institutions for its promotion in America.