Visiting Students

Visiting Students 2023/2024


The visiting student programme is aimed at students who wish to complete their education by studying certain subjects, chosen from all those taught at the university.

The ULPGC welcomes university students from non-Spanish universities who wish to study any of the subjects taught in the different courses offered by our university and whose universities of origin do not have agreements or mobility programmes that allow them to enrol.

Visiting students are all those students or graduates from non-Spanish universities who, in order to broaden their training or to carry out a temporary stay, have been admitted to ULPGC centres to take part of the undergraduate or non-pre-vocational master’s degree courses taught at the ULPGC. Visiting students enrolled at the ULPGC will obtain a certificate of studies with the express mention that these studies do not have academic effects at the ULPGC.

  • 1º Semester: 14th Feb until 31st May
  • 2º Semester: 1st September until 31st December

Once you have registered the documents to upload are as follows:

  • ID card/passport
  • Transcript of records (or University Degree for Master studies)
  • Study program proposal (it is important that you have a relevant academic background for the courses that you apply for)
  • For Master studies taught in Spanish, student must accredit at least Level B-1 for the Spanish language (CEFR)

And if your place has been accepted you will also have to provide the following documents:

  • Public Insurance (European Health Insurance Card or equivalent)
  • Health and Accidents Private Insurance (all exchange students need to hire a compulsory private insurance, even if you already have a public one):
  • ADMISSION CAN BE RESTRICTED IN SOME FACULTIES (Additional requirements may apply depending on the courses/faculties they are applying for)
  • Visiting students may apply for courses at both Undergraduate and Master levels
  • Visiting students are allowed to take the maximum of 30 ECTS per semester;
  • The enrollment at the courses will be subject to the availability of places in the courses;
  • Visiting students cannot enroll the final project of undergraduate and master degrees.
  • Visiting students are not eligible for mobility programs and are not entitled to complete a university degree at ULPGC;
  • Visiting students are required to organize all aspects of their study abroad independently (admission, enrollment and non-academic requirements such as visas, accommodation and travel, living and academic expenses).

The final decision will be taken within two weeks after the application.

The price per ECTS credit for the enrolment of students taking certain subjects with the authorisation of the University under the Free Mover programme will be the same price as that established in the Decree of the Government of the Canary Islands establishing and regulating the public prices for the provision of academic and administrative services of the public universities of the Canary Islands.

In addition if you take a course of the E-learning Structure you have to add 19€ per credit for digital teaching materials, services and online tutorials.