The Israeli – Palestinian Conflict, Understanding Both Sides

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is never far from anyone’s mind these days, and while the mainstream media provides some of the more important facts and figures, the only way to truly develop a better understanding of the conflict’s background and complexities is to visit the area and meet the people behind the headlines. 
Galilee International Management Institute has designed a programme for students and faculty members, bringing together scholars and activists living the conflict to present their individual perspectives and invite discussion. Participants go on study tours where they interact with various social groups and observe the environments considered. The experience is built like a mosaic, placing the different pieces next to each other to create a picture, both as whole and as fragmented as the reality in our region. It seeks to deepen an understanding of the challenges to the peace process in a call to consider directions for progress.
The programme is intended for students and faculty members of history, religions, political science and Middle East studies, as well as professionals interested in the Middle East. Registration for both 2017 sessions – summer and winter (July and December) – is now open, on-line registration
We would appreciate you bringing this programme to the attention of anyone who may be interested in participating. A limited number of tuition scholarships will be available to qualified candidates. To reserve a scholarship or request more information, please contact the Centre’s Director, Ms. Shoshi Norman, at: