The Unit for Relations with the European Union is the result of the re-foundation of DIRUE (Directorate for Relations with the European Union). The University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has within one of its main lines of action in its strategic plan the strengthening of international links, and with the European Union in particular, in the interest of its students, teaching staff, researchers, administrative and service staff and the institution in general. The main function of the Unit for Relations with the European Union is to strengthen these ties and to bring information of interest to the university community. In the URUE, we want to comply with the motto of the EU, United in diversity, from the vision of a ULPGC and a Canary Islands absolutely Diverse in the Union.


  • Coordinate the ULPGC’s policy towards Europe.
  • Promote the creation of a European Studies Group at the ULPGC.
  • Encourage exchanges and mobility of ULPGC members with Europe and of European students, professors and researchers with the ULPGC.
  • To lead the institutional relations of the ULPGC with Spanish institutions linked to Europe.
  • To carry out institutional relations with consulates of European countries.
  • Support the ULPGC’s cooperation with Europe.
  • Promote the dissemination of the work carried out by the ULPGC towards Europe.
  • To contribute to the training of European staff at the ULPGC and ULPGC staff in Europe.
  • To promote volunteering.
  • Coordinate with other vice-rectorates, directorates and units of the ULPGC in the field of relations with Europe.
  • Offer hospitality to representatives of European universities and centres visiting the ULPGC.
  • To provide coverage for cultural events organised at the ULPGC in relation to Europe.
  • To put the ULPGC’s research work in contact with Spanish companies, organisations and institutions for its promotion in Europe.